What MedAdvance Can Do For You

Assessment and planning of the commercial opportunity

MedAdvance support CEOs and the Managing team of Medical Devices Companies to effectively evaluate the commercial opportunity to enter and capture the international markets and to build a sustainable growth for their business.

Find the right distribution model.

The Πmark provides access to 27 different countries and health care systems. The challenge for any medical devices start-up and small size company is to identify which market to target first and which distribution channel is the most effective to launch the technology in the marketplace.

MedAdvance provides a significant on-the-ground international and commercial experience, with proven expertise in building and managing direct sales forces and distributors internationally. MedAdvance support you to prioritize the markets, identify and build the right distribution model in order to maximise your sales and profit.

Provide Logistics and Customer Service Support

MedAdvance can provide Logistics and Customer Service to support for the commercialization of your technology in Europe, Middle East and Africa through a specialised and professional partner. This partner enables your company to manage fast delivery time, order fulfilment, invoicing, credit collection and replenishment process, as well as to ensure product traceability and compliance with Quality standard procedures.

Launching and expanding the market for your medical technology

The biggest challenge for any medical device start up and small size company is to drive market adoption of the new technology with limited clinical data available.

With over 25 years of experience in launching new, novel technologies in several countries in the world, MedAdvance support your company to develop and execute a strategy to launch and increase the adoption and the diffusion of the new technology (from the early stage of the adoption to the ramp-up phase) , including the activities related to obtain the reimbursement of the new technology in the selected country.

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