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Massimo Chiarin

MedAdvance Consulting is owned and led by Massimo Chiarin, a seasoned and accomplished executive with broad global and functional experience in finance, operations, sales and general management. Massimo has worked for over 25 years with the largest US companies in the Medical Devices industry. During his career he had several international roles in Europe, Africa and Middle East. He spent more than 5 years leaving and working in Germany.

Prior to founding MedAdvance Consulting, Massimo had a successful, diversified career at Medtronic, Guidant, Boston Scientific and St. Jude Medical, introducing new technologies such as Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillator (ICD), system for Heart Failure Resynchronisation therapy (CRT), cardiac pacemaker MRI compatible, irrigated catheter and navigation system for Atrial Fibrillation ablation procedures, DES and BARE coronary stent, device for beating heart cardiac surgery procedures, device for Patent Foramen Ovale closure (PFO), device for Left Atrial Appendage closure (LAA) and system for Renal Denervation. He has successfully commercialized more than 30 new technologies in over 40 countries.

While at Medtronic, Guidant, Boston Scientific and St. Jude Medical, he held numerous management positions of increasing responsibility and complexity. He created brand new operations and set up sales and functional organisations, managed complex turnaround of sales organizations and change management processes. He also managed businesses integration subsequent to mergers and acquisitions, large cluster of countries in complex environments, as well as introduced new business models. Massimo was awarded with the President’s club award while at Medtronic for the best sales performance in Europe in the Fiscal Year 1992 and while at Boston Scientific for the best sales performance in International in the Fiscal Years 2008 and 2009.

MedAdvance Partner Network

MedAdvance has established a proven network of business partners with wide functional and international experience.

  • Sales partners in Italy, Germany, Spain, France, the UK, Switzerland, Austria, Portugal, Belgium, Sweden, Latvia, Czech Rupublic, Poland, Hungary, the Russian Federation, countries belonging to the former Yugoslavia, Greece,Turkey, Israel, the Middle East, North Africa and the Republic of South Africa.
  • Healthcare professionals in the area of Market Access and Reimbursement;
  • A full-service European Logistics and Customer Service Firm dedicated to supply chain management across a wide range of medical devices products;
  • Alacrita, a global life science consulting firm providing services to the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical devices and other life science sectors.
  • NeuvoMedica is a distributor and consultancy organization that focuses on bringing the latest medical products and technology to China.
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